On love:

Love separates the saints from the world by making them of one mind living under the same roof. (Tr. on John76, 2)

There can be no separation of love.  Choose for yourself what you will love and all the rest will follow…  No one may make one love an excuse for another.  Love is altogether of a piece.  Of itself it is compacted into a unity so as to make all into one who are linked to it, like a flame fusing them together.  (1st Epistle of St John 10, 3)

To strive after God, then, is to desire happiness; to reach God is happiness itself.  We strive after him by loving him; we reach him, not by becoming altogether what he is, but by coming close to him, touching him in a wonderfully spiritual way, and being illuminated and pervaded utterly by his truth and his holiness. (The Ways of the Catholic Church 1,11,16)